UK General Election 2015

In 2015, social media had a significant role in understanding the key issues and attitudes of those who took to the polling stations. We saw more politicians engage on Twitter and huge sums being spent on Facebook with parties trying to reach the social electorate. 2015 was the UK’s first social election.

Brandwatch analysed hundreds of thousands of social media mentions and used our own tools to track the public mood every day in the run up to the election, during the key televised debates and on voting day.

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Exit Poll

Social data provides a valuable indication of what the political parties and UK social electorate are talking about. This doesn't necessarily translate into votes though. While we were not able to predict the election result, for the reasons outlined here, we were able to make educated guesses based on conversations that mention "I've just voted for...", "I voted...", "We voted..." etc, as a form of social "exit poll"

Which party is social talking about?

As the overall volume of political dialogue increased in the run up to the election, we looked at which party dominated the social conversation.

Feb-Apr    Final Fortnight    The Election    Debate:

How do we feel about each party?

Not all conversation is good conversation so we also analysed how the social electorate felt about the key parties?

Feb-Apr    Final Fortnight    The Election    Debate:

What topics are important?

Political conversation on the social web is not just about the parties and the politicians, so we studies the the key issues that social electorate were talking about?

Feb-Apr    Final Fortnight    The Election    Debate:

Which leader is social talking about?

Although party manifestos are key to political decisions, the leaders were as much of a discussion point on social. Brandwatch monitored to see which leader was taking the lion’s share of the conversation during the election campaign.

Feb-Apr    Final Fortnight    The Election    Debate:

Which leader is winning social?

When so much of politics comes down to personality, it was interesting to see who was having the most positive social media impact.

Feb-Apr    Final Fortnight    The Election    Debate:



Feb-Apr    Final Fortnight    The Election    Debate:

Brandwatch Social Intelligence Bulletins

Since March we have been producing weekly bulletins focussing on the big topics of this election campaign. Links are below.

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Social Media and Polling Day